Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Starbound - Glitchy thingie down

Yesterday evening, I managed to pull together the second boss, the yellowish robot and with the help of my great kids we defeated it. It was a long and funny fight, Brian went down, but me and Maya stayed afloat, using red regen vials.
So, we got the processor and I managed to create the robotic crafting table -> starmap MK3 upgrade.
We emptied our pockets and we jumped to the Gamma sector, and ... voila: Titanium ore all over the place.
Today I intend to harvest some more and then create 3 sets of armor, so we have a higher survivability rate in Beta and Gamma sectors.
Pics soon to follow.

On a different note, I got Dungeon Keeper 2 for me and Maya, and we started the single play campaign. The goal is to go multi-fun :)

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