Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eve - ish, or so is called, after 3 years

After almost 3 years I decided to give Eve a new try. You know, reading stuff about the latest expansions, watching some nice vids with the latest battles made me wanna jump the space-wagon.
So, I reactivated my account, thanks to an old friend (Tibike).
And here I am, back in a Drake fitted as-good-as-it-gets for this level. Thanks again to mister T for the pro-tips and fitting and ISK flash flow :D
The plan (what plan?) is to do some PvE for a while (get T3 and T4 standings) to get the hang out of the game (again...).
So far so good, I like what it looks like after the latest updates and it remains for me to discover the new aspects most liked by a carebear like myself :)
The main char is at 3 mil SP, no rush tho.
On a related note, the game runs @60 FPS with max details ... but the videocard stays at 70 deg C and it drives my ears crazy...

L.E. My Drake current PvE fit, thanks to Tibike.

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