Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eve - Level 3 missions and Caracal revival

Finally I am doing level 3 missions. My Drake is behaving wonderfully, I can clear everything with ease.
I have Missile Launcher Operation lvl 5 in research for the moment, then switching to some drones skills.
The cash inflow has grown, but I still forget sometimes to recall drones from the field...

My Drake at the end of a mission.


When I finished the lvl 2 missions and started lvl 3 I got a chain of lvl 2 missions to do, starting with "Clearing a Path". The ugly surprise was that I can't do that with my drake so I had to switch to my Caracal which is not fitted at all.
The solution? Strip the drake and fit the Caracal:

3x HML + Scourge HM
3x Large Shield Extenders II
2x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
2x Ballistic Control System II
1x Power Diagnostic System II
1x Shield Power Relay II

I know the fitting is not optimal, I just copied the Drake one, but the results are ... OK. I mean the shield barely drops under 95%. Good enough for me.

Lost in space.

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