Monday, February 24, 2014

MGS - Phase 1 - Day 4

't was a good day to work out (yesterday as it is). I was not so tired, got coffee "loaded" in the system so I did pretty well.

1) Deadlift38120
2) Romanian Deadlift26 - 8120
3a) Incline Hammer Curl38 - 1060
3b) Neck Extension315 - 2060
4) Incline sprint320 sec90

Deadlifts were done with max 70, slowly and controlled.
The hammer curls with max 17.5, not more because then I have to sacrifice the form and I'm past that.
The DOMS have arrived so all is good.
The food was low carb yesterday, and today it will be no carb and IF:
4 meals starting at 12:00 PM
- chicken breast + broccoli + black olives
- whey shake + cocos
- chicken breast + mushrooms + avocado
- casein shake + nuts + some peanuts butter
I'm not sure if I will visit the gym today, it all depends on the DOMS, but I might do it because next is chest + some upper back + some shoulders ... or maybe not. I'll see.

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