Sunday, March 2, 2014

MGS - Phase 1 - Day 8

And another week is over.

1) Deadlift58120
2) Romanian Deadlift26 - 8120
3a) Incline Hammer Curl38 - 1060
3b) Neck Extension315 - 2060
4) Incline sprint320 sec90

It's Sunday, but was a good day for gym. Got coffee before starting, also I was sipping the shake (25 pro + 50 carbo + 5 g leucine + 5 g glutamin + 5 g creatine) during the workout.

Things were a bit change compared to the list above, I had no time for cardio and for the neck extension (?!). Instead I did the calves and abs training. For dead lifts I did not go above 60 kg (hernia...). For curls I kept things controlled at 17.5 kg. I want to go to 20 next week.

Energy level was good but not great... I'm trying a micro-fasting method, 1 meal at 6 hours, minimal carbo, except on weekends when I load with carbo.

On the nutrition front I will go with a big change, low cal, low carbo, 3 meals. Not ideal, but I want to experiment with this. It will go something like this:

- meal 1 - around 9 AM - eggs (house chickens), yogurt (made in house by me), veggies + omega 3 + lecithin and amino
- meal 2 - around 3 PM - shake: whey, psyllium, coconut flakes, omega 3,  cinnamon, chia
- meal 3 - around 9 PM - meat + veggies + healthy fats: avocado, coconut oil, peanut butter, etc
Estimated protein intake: ~100-140 g (around 1.5-2 g/kg )

During the day: loooots of water.
I'll see how it goes. I know I will loose some mass, hopefully more fat than anything else, but as I planned, from March on I'm going to a cutting phase.

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