Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MGS - Phase 1 - Day 2

Second day (was yesterday in fact), a bit more stress, as everyday is "legs day" :)

1) Squat38120
2) DB Split Squat112 - 25120
3) Back Extension120 -2590
4) EZ Bar Curl38 - 1090
5) Farmers Walk330 sec90

For the squats I went to max 55 kg, ass down to the floor, slow descent, quick ascent. Using a waist strap, since I'm trying to limit the impact on my incipient inguinal hernia (got it from the days when I was squatting like a fool with 110 kg ...). 
The DB squats are in fact lounges, pretty effective tho, I went with 2 x 17.5, knee to the floor. 
For the EZ bar curl, max was 42.5, with almost perfect form, the tempo was a bit faster since the concentric motion is hard to keep it at 3 seconds for this weight. I blasted the end with drop sets. 
Farmers walk ... I hate it but sometimes I do it :) Otherwise I switch to a more practical approach for me, for traps, with BB shrugs and DB shrugs. 

Yesterday was a high carb day, so my body was pretty happy, except my SCI ... was feeling quite unwell in the tummy... After the gym was feeling OK tho, just the sleep pattern was altered a bit due to hormonal activation. 

Today, it's a no-carb day, IF. Will go 4 meals (3 hours apart): 
1 - eggs, a bit of green lentils, broccoli
2 - protein shake (whey, cocos, cinnamon, a bit of chia, psyllium)
3 - pork, spinach, tomatoes, garlic
4 - casein powder + peanut butter/seeds mix


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