Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MGS - Phase 1 - Day 1

First post in this area...
So a few intro words about the current situation:
- age: 36 (almost 37)
- training since: 2010
- actual real gym workouts start time: January 2012 - so 2 years and some more since I'm hitting the gym in a regular fashion
- height: 169 cm
- weight: 74 kg
- training time: 3-4 times a week, 1 hour sessions, sometimes includes 15 min cardio (HIIT)

Right now I'm following a specific program, in 3 phases, with a specific split, so a muscle group is hit 2 times a week.
First day, a combination of pecs, shoulders and upper back. I was breathing heavily after 35 minutes of training. The actual exercises were:

1) Low Incline Bench Press38120
2a) DB Mil Press36 - 860
2b) Inverted Row36 - 860
3a) Rope/Band Face Pull28 - 1060
3b) Diamond Pushup1AMAP60

*Note: I did not invent this method, I just adapted it from a book, so it matches my style.
It can be seen that stuff is super-setted there, so the effort is quite big if followed exactly and with a good tempo. 

Since the gym was overcrowded (big time) I had to do the bench presses on the Smith machine (up to 95 kg). Other than that it was ok, the diamond pushups are still a killer, 25 was stretching my already tired body to the limit. I know I can do more, so next time 30 is the mark. 

I ended it with 15 min of HIIT on the stepper, simulating the stair master behavior. 
Good workout in the end. 

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