Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ganking when mining, it just happens

So, I was comfortably mining in my two paper thin retrievers in 0.7.
Fit was ... bad, the DCU II was on them but not active (CPU limitation), there were no rigs installed, I had some mining drones out... and worse, I was not paying attention to local.

At some point I heard some buzzing in the headphones and I switched attention to the game and ... voila. Three gankerz (from New Order, of course) were dispatching my poorest retriever. I managed to align with the other and warp to station... Saved by the bell.
Lost about 15 mil (after insurance), so not big deal. But, this got me thinking and I decided to pull in some CPU implants on both chars and fit the retrievers with shield rigs, Adaptive Invulnerability and DCU II's. I have them both at over 8K HP now... pretty low but still much better than before.

So, lesson learned, at least partially. I added the gankers and their corps to watch list, I'm staying aligned now and I intend to train for some ECM drones, to get at least a small chance to escape.

Do I feel bad about the loss? Maybe a little, but considering I was AFK... not so much. I mined at least 1 bil with that retriever (take note: semi-AFK style), so I got the investment back many times over.

And I'm thinking to move to null, the miners as it is. But ... long road ahead. Still pondering the implications, plans and stuff.

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