Tuesday, July 15, 2014

From hero to ... zero AKA 0.0

In fact, in the movie ("The Mask") it was something like "from zero to hero".
I'm neither a hero but I went to zero :) Sort of.

Long story short I moved to null sec, into a renter corp, DeepSpace Manafacturers . There are 4 systems available, 1/2 mining, 1 base, 1 ratting.
All in all, it's a good place to be after 2 weeks. Pretty silent, intel channels are up, friendly community.
I only lost 2 procurers so far... due to my own stupidity and not paying attention to local. Local which looks like this, in a busy evening:

We have 1 mining op/week, non-mandatory, but I like to help. No big stuff involved, I just need to pay attention to local and listen in TS. 

So far I moved 3 chars there, the 2 miners and the main PvE one. For the miners I hauled the usual mining stuff and skills, for the PvE one I moved only the Drake and the Raven so far, beside a lot of smaller ships. 

As expected the main activity so far is mining, which is far more profitable than the HS one, even if I use the corp buyback. I still manage do make around 30 mil/evening mining casually. 
I started ratting in a system near, for now only in the asteroids belts, testing the fit I have with the Raven. I intend to bring the Rattle here too soon, to start doing the combat anoms, will be interesting to see how it works. I'm a bit scared that the drones warp scramble and web, so I intend to use the MJD for this cases. And of course I have to keep an eye on local... don't wanna lose the BS to neuts or enemies while shooting red crosses... The good part is that the ratting system has only one star gate which comes from the mining system, so usually I have 1 miner there and I can keep track of what comes my way. 

Other than that I've set the PI for the 3 chars, it's a bit of chore, I still have to see/set things for a better efficiency. Now I'm updating once a day, but I think I will go for 3 days updates, it takes a while to go through 15 planets... And there will be more, since I want to bring another char here (the Noctis one). Still, it's kind of worth it, since the production is so much better than HS and even better than low (sec status is -0.3). 

Getting back to mining, for now I'm using only procurers and sometimes a ret. Procs are cheap, sturdy and move fast. The bay is limited, but I've got used to jettison and come back after an hour of mining with a Miasmos and collect stuff. As for what I mine, simple choices: ice (Dark Glitter is the best), hedbergite, hemorphite, arkanor and bistot (mining ops only). I'm still training to use mining crystals for null minerals and also to use T2 ice harvesters. The best part is that we have 24/7 rorqual boost.

As a little conclusion, I'm satisfied with the move, it's more challenging and more profitable in the same time. Going to zero was an improvement for the carebear "hero". What I miss a bit are the L4 missions, but I think I will compensate with the combat sites.... soonish. I miss the Rattle fun, but work will come it's way. Indeed. 

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