Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MGS - Phase 1 - Day 5

A good and a not so good experience this day...
First the program

1) Low Incline Bench Press58120
2a) DB Mil Press36 - 860
2b) Inverted Row36 - 860
3a) Rope/Band Face Pull210 - 1260
3b) Diamond Pushup1AMAP60

Basically it went well, just that I feel a bit weaker than in July 2013 when I did this program first time. I blame it on my tempo or the focus on it, there is a clear difference in the execution pattern.

The pushups are the killer, need to improve that, and I'm talking about the diamond variant... Normal pushups I can easily go above 40-45 if I'm not tired.

Now the bad... COFFEE... Yeah, I drank some coffee before going to the gym (at 10 PM) and it was definitely not a very good idea... After the gym I was able to sleep only at 2 AM and this is not good.

Other than that things are fairly good, a bit of ICS issues, hernia under radar. Gotta take care of the food intake, no carb at all upsets the bowels too much so I have to find a proper balance point.

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