Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting epic in Eve

... epic in a way:)
I played quite a bit in the last weeks, I learned a lot but I still have much to learn.
The last stuff in which I am involved is the Sisters of Eve epic line, quite interesting, half-way done. For this purpose I fitted a Caracal, this time with his own fittings (HAMs and shields). No issues so far, will see in the last missions how it goes.

Other than that I tried my hand with a bit of mining on an alt... good for semi-AFK mode.

Some Jita trading (got something like 60 mil ISK worth salvage from missions)

Before starting the SoE arc I was doing lots of L4 missions, got between 1 and 4 mil ISK/mission.

The game is complex and hard/easy in the same time, I tried some PI too, some distribution missions, I kept reading blogs about it, it's a different experience. No PvP for me tho... but I'll keep digging.

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