Friday, March 7, 2014

MGS - Phase 1 - Day 9

After a bit (4 days) of "rest" I was at the gym last evening. Below, the routing.

1) Low Incline Bench Press28120
2a) DB Mil Press46 - 860
2b) Inverted Row46 - 860
3a) Rope/Band Face Pull210 - 1260
3b) Diamond Pushup1AMAP60

I had to "break" a bit the 4 day/week routing, since I re-started the TaeKwonDo training, 2 days a week. So, in the end I will have to adjust the whole setup, since 6 days of actual training/week is not going to work... I tried it before and it kicks me off the cliff due to fatigue. Yeah, I'm getting old and the fact that I have a full time job and a family to take care of it's not making it easy for me. But, this is the order I have chosen in my life so I do what I can.

The actual training for this day was good, went to 8x105 reps on the Scott machine, inclined bench press. The pushups were not funny, max 30... gotta do more than that.

On the nutrition side, I had to give up the 3 meals/day tryout... it was getting me so dizzy. I switched to a more familiar 4 meals/day one, low carb (mostly).

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