Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shifting the weight

I haven't written about the last days, it was a bit hectic.
However, I was able to have 2 more training days, one for legs+abs and one for chest+biceps+traps.
Nothing special, except that with the new (old) system I can push thing a bit, my muscles have enough time to rest.
So, I went to 100 kg on the decline bench press, with a little help. Lesson learned, 95 is good enough for solo play.
On the other side of reality, I had the almost-fail colonoscopy...  after 40 hours of fasting... Fail in the sens the pain was too much to resist for the procedure to go all the way (I won't go into details...). Other than that the blood analyses were almost perfect, a bit high on Sodium and Creatinine (still in the range tho) . What will follow will be a bit of pro-biotics and some specific treatment for ICS.
I'm waiting now to get back in shape, to restore my energy level and hopefully tomorrow or Friday at least will get back to gym.

And ... Spring is here!

 Image from DesktopNexus site. 

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