Monday, March 10, 2014

MGS - Phase 1 - Day 10

Lazy week, that was... 2 days to gym and 2 to TKD. Some IRL issues prevented me to do the normal 3/2 routine. Also I will have to adapt again. Finishing phase 1 I will switch to a more conventional approach and split:

- day 1: chest + biceps
- day 2: legs + abs +- shoulders
- day 3: back + triceps +-shoulders

For the cardio part I will have the 8 km bike/day. Yeah, spring is here and I brought out my MTB, so the "moving around" part is assured.

1) Squat28120
2) DB Split Squat212 - 15120
3) Back Extension220 -25120
4) EZ Bar Curl38 - 1090
5) Farmers Walk430 sec60

Nutrition: some IF and 4 meals/day. High carb on weekend, low in the rest, or even no carb on some days, as the body permits this.

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