Friday, March 14, 2014

Back to the roots

So, after a week with many incidents which lead to a missing-the-gym syndrome, I started (again) with a classical approach to my training.
I was rested (at least physically) so I could push the iron around with more power and motivation.
So, back to the roots.

Back routine:
- wide pullups: 14 to start then some 10 with 10 kg and 6 with 15 kg - not bad, I was afraid I was not able to do them anymore after the long pause at this exercise
- machine pulls, horizontal: max lvl-12
- deadlifts (bent legs), for lower back: went with max 60 kg, could go with more but I won't risk it (as before with 100 kg...)
- some rovings, nothing to write home about

Triceps routine:
- the mighty dips: 20 (no weight), 12 with 15 kg, 10 with 10 kg - good enough
- machine triceps press downs: 8xL14, lvl 10 drop set

Some shoulder exercises:
- front and lateral raises
- machine/s press

Nutrition goes well, 4 meals a day, low carb, not so much fat, under 2k calories.
... Preparing for next week's colonoscopy...

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