Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mixed liftings and low body state

I have not updated stuff in here for a while, was not a great time for me, these last weeks.
The SCI symptoms are almost gone due to medication, but I got a huge dose of dizziness and vertigo lately. Each and every day for the past week and a half. I presume it's because of the cervical area old issue which come back to haunt me again... hopefully the issues will go down soon.

I continued to train, not as intense and motivated as before, same training style, nothing new. Power levels were definitely lower, I struggled with 90 kg bench press... but I keep on fighting.
Today I intend to do legs training, which I skipped last week (lots of biking tho). Will see how this works out.

On the nutrition side, I started to shift more to the "green" side, less/no meat, less processed foods.
I started using pollen every day, lots of veggies and less protein powders.
Feeling good, except the dizziness.
I keep on fighting.

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