Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First kill of the ... ever

And it happened. My first kill in Eve :)
It was not something special, or monumental, just an unlucky Hurricane which got warp scrambled near a gate in Sendaya, me being one on the many newbs buzzing around in a frigate. So, yea... it was a group kill :) not "mine" but I got on the kill list so the 'bear inside shrunk a bit.

Sendaya?! Yes, I joined BNI (Brave Newbies) with an alt. And swoosh to the HQ I reached yesterday.
For a total carebear like me, this was a "terrifying" experience, first time to step into low sec, first time to engage actively in a fight. Chaotic but FUN!!!

I'm keeping my main as an "ISK" generator tool for now, some PI, some L3/L4, but I switched all training to the PvP alt. For the alt I've done the military arcs so when I moved to Sendaya I went along with a Slasher and an Amarr destroyer. Cool toys, especially the Slasher, buzzing around at over 1000 m/s, fast align and fast to warp.

It looks like a mosquito and it flys like one:). 3 light autocannons, a 1 MN afterburner, 1 web, 1 shield booster and I'm set for some "dancing" around.

The skill plan I'm following for this char is huge, from a n00b 'spective.
BravePvP-Skill Plan

Other than that, I keep on using the Retriever, on the other account, about 7-8 mil/hour. Lousy income, but being almost AFK doesn't sound so bad, it just keeps churning rocks while I play on the other account (and D3 ROS in the same time, 3 monitors is a blessing). For this mining alt I will go all the way industry style, up to manufacturing stuff and getting more profit out of it. But, this a long range plan, for now steady training and learning is the thing to do.

On the main/PVE char, I'm trying to do L4's, not working as good as I like, "moar" skills are needed, but the PvP char is taking the lion's share for now.

At the end, a few more pics with the Minmatar ships I got when doing the military arc for the PvP alt, nice toys.

... a pic with the "mighty" Retriever :). Brand new, ready-to-be-ganked.

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