Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Raven wings and mining pleasures

On the gaming side I kept on playing Eve and ... Diablo 3 ROS (with my daughter).  Maya saw me playing Eve lots lately and asked me if she can try it ... the answer was no... she needs to learn so much more English to be able to grasp some of the sandbox. For Diablo it's not such a big issue, it's easy for her to swap builds and stuff and see the immediate effect.

So, back to Eve, I got myself a shiny new Raven, I was able to mine most of the mats for it, I payed only about 50 mil ISK in the end, from the total of 176 mil (current Jita price). The ship is nice and all, but I had a hell of a time trying to fit it and see what/how it works. The tryouts were all in L3 missions, trying to stay on the safe side for now.

First I tried a "sniper" build, flying at over 100 km from any ship, just launching the cruise missiles. It was all "honey and milk" until I met some tracking disruptors which were blocking me at that range. I could do nothing, but warp out. The drones were not a real option, max range with my skills was only 65 km.
Next try was a kind o passive shield tank ... like a drake... Of course it was a bad idea, I had to warp 3 times in the beginning of a L4 mission.
So I switched to an active tank, hardeners matched to the mission and I can finally kill stuff. I still have to watch agro, watch the tacklers and manage my cap, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.
Tacklers (tracking disruptors mostly) are still a big pain in the ass, luck the Hornet drones can take them out ... in time.

ISK balance is still over 200 mil ISK (don't ask...) and I have over 500 mil worth of assets in different stations, just need to start selling them. I started a mining alt, finishing Industry V now and hopefully in a few days he can start flying a retriever. He still managed to mine over 50 mil ISK worth minerals in an ORE frigate, in the last 2 weeks :).

The game is still a puzzle, still so many things to learn.
I managed to read quickly the ISK guide stuff, lots of info, lots of new questions.

Next post, in the Gaming section I intend it to be one about D3, I had quite a lot of fun finishing the game this weekend, with my dear daughter.

P.S. I intend to vote on the CSM, I liked the http://www.lowseclifestyle.com/ blog, so she gets my vote.

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