Friday, June 20, 2014

Behold the Rattlesnake

... wait, wait... what ?! But it looks like a Scorpion!!

All things aside, I just love the look of this "beast". It's aggressive, imposing, ready to kick as and take a beating in the same time. 
It's not fitted yet, but soon soon. I will use it for L4 missions, hope to get better results than with the Raven. 
I will use a fit inspired from Nevillesmit's blog
Still got skills to improve (mostly drones stuff), but at least I have Caldari and Gallente BS to 4. I still cannot use the T2 Cruise launchers, but sooonish will do. 
Right now I have 600 dps on Raven (missiles + drones). I'm really curious how much I can get on the Rattlesnake using similar gear. I will post the fit in a next post. 

Until I can really take it for a ride I enjoy looking at it in the hangar :) Lovely bunch of pixelz I tell ya. 

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