Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eve - Progression?

In the past 2 months I kept on playing Eve with my 2 accounts.
Nothing fancy, nothing new, but I learned a lot... how to play solo :). I still have my alt in [BNI], but I rarely check it out... I guess my aversion to loss is the main blocker here. And... right now I usually play some other games while Eve runs in background (like D3 and Watch Dogs). So being capable of playing semi-AFK is a bonus.
I'm still alone in the corp, but it doesn't bother me too much, my current play style suits me well enough.
A bit of status on both accounts.


  •  Main char -> mostly used for PvE -> L4 missions on a Raven, I can do almost all of them now, using a "sniper" MJD fit, with cruise missiles and range extender scripts. Almost 10 mil SP now, core stuff + missiles. Training to get a Rattlesnake and then back to cruise specialisation and BS masteries (Caldari and Gallente). I am a bit unsure about the ships tho, was oscillating between CNR, SNI and Rattlesnake. 
  • Second char -> industry/trade stuff. For the moment training in parallel (had to use a PLEX) for Orca (16 days till) and Mackinaw
  • Third char -> the BNI alt. Not much here, I trained it for different frigs and exploration, but not used it much, I'm still a awkward at doing stuff in null... and the Brave sov area is crowded as fcuk ... with enemies and allies :)


  • Main char -> miner "expert" - still several days from using a mackinaw but doing good in a retriever. 1400 m3/160 sec with T2 stuff (*unbuffed). Not bad, around 12 mil/hour afk-style. 
  • Second char -> the "sweetheart". Trained her for PI and then going all Noctis spec. A great char to clear the field after the main PVE one finishes a mission. I intend to make it a PVE support in the future, training it for Raven. 
  • Third char -> used by my daughter, just for learning purposes
All in all, I made a lot of plans, changed some of them, learning stuff, trying stuff, losing stuff (yeah, lost a Noctis when clearing a L4 field ... stupid mode was ON). 
I kept on doing PI, getting about 200 mil/month from 4 chars, in a 0.3 system. I know, it's low income, not very optimised, I'm relaunching programs at 3 days, but still, low stress income and it helps me control my jitters when I enter low-sec space. 
As guessed, most of the income comes from AFK mining, around 20-25 mil/hour/2 accs. Better than nothing, stress-free. I have minerals/metals waiting to be sold on the trade char: about 2.6 bil. 
As I said, future plans are somehow blurry:

- get a Rattlesnake on main PVE
- get an Orca on trade alt
- get 2 mackinaws for the miners
- start doing some more exploration (low sec and null sec)
- start doing some "actual" PvP/exploration on the BNI alt, but training is now locked on the main, so not sure how/when this will happen
- maybe, move the miners to a null sec alliance (?!)
- wait for next major patch -> industry changes and stuffz
- other stuff which I'm not very clear about

And now some pics from the carebear adventures I had :)

1. The beauty of the Noctis 
2. Missioning in Raven
3. Noctis in action (I really love this ship, it's a blast for the role if fulfils)
4. Lazors everywhere. 

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